• The "2014+ Year Robots" presents the newly added robots to the Cosmic Ark (We'll create the page one by one if we have a time). For us to see the detailed information about the new created robots. (NOTE: I won't add anymore dates, the last one is the EX garapon. And *sigh* sorry guys D: this was a garapon page and for robots D:)

~New Year's Gara~ Meisen Kaede, Dracken (Suit form), School Malca,  School C.S.

~Frozen Gara (First Gara of 2014)~

Melfi FROST, Litia BLUE, Luto Mikazuchi Sekka, Ion SNOWY.

~Chocolatier Garapon (Second Gara of 2014 - Feb 6 2014 -STARTED-)~ Pepo Pucci V, Chloe Peperomia V, Misty Raven V, Amy V.

-Valentines Garapon (Thrid Gara of 2014)~ Slyvia V, Regina Winberrl V, Fia V.

-Valentines Garapon 1 (Came with the original garapon)~ Lily Rain V, Crimrose (3 different colors), Lily Rain (3 different colors), Jikun Long (3 different colors).

-Valentines Garapon II (Came along with the 2 garapons)~

-EX Garapon (- Feb 21, 2014 STARTED-)~ EX Lazflamme, Miruru Miu, Mialy Type.A, Rouche Type:D

-Mega Garapon~ --- (x2 appeared sorry I can't remember any of it lol)

-April Garapon~ Tsukiyomi Mikoto (Green colored version), Dracken (Other version), Shana, Pepo Pucci V.