• An AXIS series robot designed around a new magic engine. Like the fire it uses as energy, it tears through the battlefield, leaving nothing but destruction in its wake.


Type Artillery
Size Large
Cost 865
Capacity 920
Hit Points 405
Strength 13
Technique 19
Walking 18
Flying 5
Toughness 17
Wonder Bit Agniblast (Locked)
Obtainable fromI really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Cosmos Garapon Gold Prize


Part Name Image Size Type Price Cost Notes
Agnizyne BD Agnizyne BD L Art -- +470 Sub: Double Blast
Agnizyne HD Agnizyne HD M All -- +35 -
Agnizyne HDJ Agnizyne HDJ L Art -- - Locked, 1 tune slot
Agnizyne LG Agnizyne LG L All -- +50 -
Agnizyne BS Agnizyne BS L Art -- +100 Locked
Agnizyne BS@ Agnizyne BS@ L Art -- - Locked with BS, Main: Flame Missile
Agnizyne AM Agnizyne AM L Art -- +105 x2
Agnizyne AM@ Agnizyne AM@ L Art -- - x2, Locked with AM, no tune slot, Main: Flame Bazooka, Sub: Flame Attack
Agnizyne AMJ Agnizyne AMJ M All -- - x2

Default WeaponsEdit

  • Wonder Bit: Agniblast Agniblast
Agnizyne AM@ (Locked)
Equip Stats: Weapon Stats:
HP - Name: Flame Bazooka Flame Attack
STR - Force: 20 26
TEC - Ammo: 200 -
WLK - Range: 320 60
FLY - Speed: 320 50
TGH - Int.: 700 800

Agnizyne BD
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +470 Class: Double Blast
HP +295 Damage: -
STR +6 Force/Power: 0
TEC +13 Ammo/Rate: -
WLK +11 Range: 0
FLY +5 Attack Speed: 0
TGH +11 Interval/Rate: 1000

Agnizyne BS@ (Locked)
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +- Class: Flame Missile
HP - Damage: Blast
STR - Force/Power: 15
TEC - Ammo/Rate: 400
WLK - Range: 290
FLY - Attack Speed: 260
TGH - Interval/Rate: 800

NOTE: While idling, Agnizyne will self auto inflict Burning followed by Melt negative status effect. But he'll lose the effect after using Double Blast or Flame Attack Sub Weapon.

NOTE #2: His Double Blast attack is depend on Burning or Melt status.

Custom CartridgeEdit

Name LVL Cost Description
Cost Capacity +60 (x6) - +15 Raises robots cost capacity by 60 and HP by 9.
Shell Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.
Beam Guard - +15 Decreases Damage from beam type projectiles by 30% (55% for ART bots).
Blast Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from explosive projectiles by 50% (55% for LND bots).
Hyper Radiator - +20 Reduces damage from Burning and Melt status, also reduces Slow from Melt status into Light Slow.
Boost Run - +15 Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.
Short Boost 6 +20 Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.
Quick Land 6 +25 Allows You to make a quicker landing from the air.
Moving Burst 6 +10 Allows you to move for awhile while firing all weapons.
Revenge Shot 6 +15 Allows robot to occasionally attack without using up ammo when HP is below 50.
Tough Runner 6 +30 Decreases chance of being stunned when attacked while running.
Stun Regain 6 +30 Restores a small amount of HP whenever stunned.
Broad Radar 9 +40 Allows robot to view all enemies on radar.
Stealth System 9 +40 Makes robot invisible on enemy radar.
Sniper Sight 9 +20 Enemies will not be alerted when you have locked on to them.
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