• Chibi Crimrose, a little version of Crimrose. Is very sad about her form, but when Ivis saw it, she wanted to stay in the form a little bit longer.


Chibi Crimrose, with the 3 forms of Crimrose, blonde, silver/white, lime green.




Mahou/Magic Circle: Ammo Circle

Tumble: Crimrose Tumble


Koko, A very beautiful princess, but the demon Gaap, took her body, became a demon hat, turning her into a chibi. This caused mayhem, so she ran away from her castle. Lurks around in the Cosmic Ark, and turns robots into chibi's. On her way, saw Crim and began turning other people too. Crim surprised in her form, had to tell Ivis. But Ivis is too shocked, causing Chibi Crim to stay in her form for a while barely to see Ivis not to smile happily.