Slows and covers the bearer in a dark, bewitching mist to cause all incoming projectiles to miss their target. Canceled on right click or when melee'd.

Dark Mist BS

Dark Mist BS

Equippable by: Land -- Artillery Support
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +65 Class: Dark Mist
HP -- Damage: -
STR -- Force/Power: 15
TEC -- Ammo/Rate: 10
WLK -- Range: 80
FLY -- Attack Speed: 160
TGH -- Interval/Rate: 1200
Sells to
Shop for:  ? UC
Trade for Tune-Up Points
0 Slots 1 slot 2 slots 3 slots
 ? Pts  ? Pts  ? Pts  ? Pts

Balance Adjustment NoteEdit

  • Dark Mist BS's support effect is now vulnerable to all attacks that deal melee damage.
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