• Dostrex, the hottest place in the unions. Dostrex's main leader. Means 'ignite' or flame (Not quite sure) and so is the unions name. Their 2nd leader of the union is Dracken and the main leader known as "Dos".


-In order to fight over the Cosmic's Ark. 'Wiz', 'Brd', and 'Dos'. Dostrex's name is also taken from a 'Trex' dinosaur name so Dos' appearance is a dinosaur-like. He only appears in a rare chance or a once in a life-time. It was when the beginning of your choosing.


-Dracken, chosen to fight for the 'CHAOS'. In replace for the protectors thus the creators of the Ark. Dracken's name may be similar to 'Kraken' which also krakens hold much power to fight but flee afterwards but great DEF. As Dracken holds a sword, it is fine if you equip him in game with a Viper Shield, Buster won't do any good.


Wizdom - Icy

Bladine - Leo/Lios

-TIP: Since 'we' haven't seen much DOS, around. Why not join in a little? After all (Sorry to say this D: I mean no offense but its the truth) DOS is falling back on 3rd place, WIZ on 2nd place and BRD on 1st place (I told ya, ALWAYS) so help out on both DOS and WIZ! (DOS won 1 time, but I guess on Nov, 2011 (I started playing it) DOS is actually 2nd, or 3rd... This time, it is again, so try help them out a bit)-