• Elnath Disc is like, Altair, Vega, and Ivis Disc, only comes out when an event is being held with the Elnath. This one is like Ivis' disc, half rare leveled.

Level: ★★★★

Rarity: ★★★

Hardness: ★★★★

Quality: ★

Requester Name Description Condition
Clie Yutia's Resources An enormous deposit of rare minerals has been discovered in a mountain range on Yutia. In order to mine these resources, a large scale excavation operation is currently being formed. Please dispatch robots with considerable physical strength.*Assemble as large a group as possible.
*Please send experienced robots.
*Robots with low STR will have a hard time.
Require Dispatch Points Required Time Max Robots Prize Rarity Dispatch Point Rewards
0 Pts 8hr. 0 min. 10 ★★★ 50 Pts


  • Power Element x1
  • Tech Element x1
  • Run Element x1
  • Boost Element x1
  • Tough Element x1
  • Generic Element x1
  • Superior Element x1
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