• Garapon Unit 02 was one of the units up to 5.
RT COST for Rolling
  • 1x Roll: 40 RT
  • 5x Roll: 160 RT

Release Date

~~ November 1, 2012 - February 6, 2012 ~~ OLD

~~ ??? - ??? ~~ NEW

Available Characters & Weapons

~~Gold~~ OLD

Zero Saber Girl (Santa)

Mecha Jetter Girl (Santa)

Destructor Girl (Santa)

Domiclown Jo

Crescent Saint

~Silver~ Hoverion Magna, Boiledeck, Cetusion, Lobguyz, High Priestol Q,

~~Bronze~~ Rocket Launcher, LL Bulk Mag,

~~Red~~ Combination Dagger, Force Barrier LGJ,

~~Blue~~ ALLx3 Ticket Beta, Tune Up Threede SET, Tune Up Midoro SET,

~~Gold~~ NEW

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