• Garapon Unit 3 was the Third Garapon that was released.

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RT COST for Rolling
  • 1x Roll: 40 RT
  • 5x Roll: 160 RT

Release Date

~~ February 2, 2012 - August 2, 2012 ~~ (Old)

-Return Of the Garapon Date: August 23, 2012-

~~ September 5, 2013 - (Until now) ~~ (New)

Available Characters & Weapons

~~Gold~~ OLD Thoarla Swimsuit

Winberrl (Swimsuit)

Jikun Long (Bikini)

Misty Hollow (Bikini)

Geograsis G-Type

~~Silver~~ Squidol, Pulsardio Gamma, Hound Dog Extreme, Boiledeck EG, Zero Saber, Mighty Byne HN,

~~Bronze~~ Cross Shooter, Shuriken Gun,

~~Red~~ Gravity Gun, Stardust Cannon,

~~Blue~~ ALLx3 Ticket Beta, Tune Up Midoro SET, Tune Up Twode SET,

~~Gold~~ OLD

Frau Adone (BD2)

Herr Victor (BD2)

Shaden Kai (BD2)

X Cross Raptor (BD2) Daedalian B.C.

~~Silver~~ Medi Aide, Beetlander, Raystag, LazFlamme (BD8), Sigma Clock DI,

~~Bronze~~ Blast Bazooka Mod (3), Mine Shooter (3),

~~Red~~ Little Star Gun (3), Cruel Railgun (3),

~~Blue~~ Slot Protector ALPHA + Tune Up Fudara SET, Slot Protector ALPHA + Tune Up Midoro SET, Slot Protector ALPHA + Tune Up Threede SET,

~~Gold~~ NEW Sakura

Misty Raven Grim

Mialy Type.T


~~Silver~~ Dagomure BURST, Cataloss HEAVY, Kuschelb 2nd, Liefy,

~~Bronze~~ Curve Lightning Gun (3), Circular Shield (3),

~~Red~~ Lightning Cannon Mod (2), Pump Bazooka Mod (2),

~~Blue~~ Allx3 Ticket Beta, Cosmic Regret OMEGA + Fudara SET, Cosmic Regret OMEGA + Midoro SET, Cosmic Regret OMEGA + Twode SET, Cosmic Regret OMEGA + Threede SET,

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