• LilyRain Eve (Nicknamed as 'Lily Eve') is one of the evolutions of LilyRain, and fights into the Chaos in order to protect the Cosmic Ark. She also fights like the same for Ivis.


Lily Eve has also the same hair color and eye color similar to her old form, Lily. However her mechanic clothing is similar to Eve.


Lily Eve has many attacks, "Aura power" which boosts her power for a limited time. And locks in a target for a big shot attack, due to the transformation she has many kinds of powering and attacking style.


"An ancient servant known as E.V.E, answered Lily's call for her help. Her jolts of light cuts through the darkness of Chaos". *Lily Eve, and Eve's Motto: 'The only thing to protect each other is to destroy one another'*.


Lily (Original Form) was trapped in the darkness orb by Kisrill, Lily was so powerless and was trapped, in addition, Lily (While trapped) saw the legendary abandoned weapon (Un-named weapon but known as 'Eve'), she talked to the weapon and saying after "The ones who you must protect must destroy one another", Lily disagreed, after talking, Lily knew that she was always alone after "she" lost her friends, and the one who found "her". After Lily moving onto Eve, Eve was freed, saying "Thank you" and "I've finally found you", with Lily happy, destroying the orb of darkness, Lily who said with a new form "Please, please, just retreat" with Kisrill saying "Retreat? Hah, you can't be serious". The two enraged the fight, Lily Eve wins, she now protects and she vow that she must destroy the Chaos in order to get back revenge for her friends.


CHAOS LilyRain Eve


A.L.E. LilyRain

Chibi LilyRain

Chibi LilyRain Eve