(メディージャー) DESCRIPTION:

  • A holy healer robot able to launch healing shots from his cane. A veteran healer, he is looked up to by many younger generations.


Type Support
Size Medium
Cost 530
Capacity 580
Hit Points 275
Strength 10
Technique 10
Walking 12
Flying 8
Toughness 19
Wonder Bit Mini Repair Bit
Obtainable fromI really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
New Year's Garapon Silver Prize


Part Name Image Size Type Price Cost Notes
Mediger BD Mediger BD M Sup -- +285 -
Mediger LG Mediger LG M All -- +40 -
Mediger HD Mediger HD M All -- +30 -
Mediger BS Mediger BS M Sup -- +35 -
Mediger AM Mediger AM M All -- +35 -
Mediger AM2 Mediger AM2 M Sup -- +35 no hand
Baculus Baculus M Sup -- +70 Locked with Mediger AM2, no Tune Slot, Main: Repair Rod

Default WeaponsEdit

  • Wonder Bit: Mini Repair Bit
Baculus (Locked)
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +70 Class: Repair Rod
HP - Damage: Healing
STR - Force/Power: 0
TEC - Ammo/Rate: 20
WLK - Range: 300
FLY - Attack Speed: 300
TGH - Interval/Rate: 3200

Custom CartridgeEdit

Name LVL Cost Description
Cost Capacity +70 (x7) - +20 Raises robots cost capacity by 70 and HP by 15.
Shell Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.
Sword Guard - +30 Decreases Damage from melee attacks by 25% (50% for AIR bots).
Beam Guard - +30 Decreases Damage from beam type projectiles by 30% (55% for ART bots).
Blast Guard - +30 Decreases Damage from explosive type projectiles by 50% (55% for LND bots).
Anti Slow - +20 Effects of slow traps will be reduced.
Absorb Bump - +10 Robot will not move when bumped into by other robots.
Sway 6 +20 Allows you to pass through other bots if you dash while running.
Wonder Rate Up 6 +20 WB gauge's increase rate will grow when robot is damaged.
Boost Run 6 +20 Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.
Quick Boost 6 +20 Boost gauge will recharge 30% faster.
Broad Radar 9 +30 Allows robot to view all enemies on radar.
Tough Wonder Bit 9 +10 Raises the HP of your Wonder Bit.
Short Boost 9 +15 Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.



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