Negative Status EffectsEdit

  1. Anti-Homing Canceller Anti Homing Canceller Status
    • Disables the use of Anti-Homing system for a period of time.
    • Caused by Monica Gold LEADER's LG4 parts Sub Weapon.
  2. Boost Leak Boost Leak Status
    • Loses Boost Gauge replenishing effects. Prevents Steal Boost weapon from draining boost & halves boost gained from Reignition.
    • Caused by Asphe's Weather Cube weapon.
  3. Bullet Speed Down Bullet Speed Down Status
    • Decreases the player's projectile speed & shortens the firing range of main/sub weapons.
    • Caused by Gathima Nieuport Girl's Gathima Howitzer Sub Weapon, Celica Hawk's Meteorbogen when charging and Ex Bullet Speed Down tune up parts of Main Weapons.
  4. Burst Cancel Burst Cancel Status
    • Unable to use Alpha-Striking, but you may still use Main Weapon as long as its not Alpha-Striking.
    • Caused by Pepen Girl's Pepen Intervention WB from Pepen Girl BD@ weapon and Chargeless Burst Core Tune side effects. (NOTE: This status effect from Chargeless Burst side effect cannot be cancel with Purify.)
  5. Burst Delay Burst Delay Status
    • Similar to Charge Delay, but only affect alpha striking except non-alpha striking.
    • Caused by Henrierre's BD & Mega Rook Cannon weapon.
  6. Confusion Confusion Status
    • Temporary reversing one's directional control. This can stack with other negative status effects.
    • Caused by Alice Read's Cheshire Cannon weapon & Shroomash core weapon.
  7. Powerless Beta Powerless Beta Status
    • Unlike the Powerless status effect, this one greatly reduces the Sub Weapon's damage.
    • Caused by EX Lazflamme's BD weapon, Captain Sunny's Captain Anchor, El Arteris's Arteris Bow II Charge Arrow and Ex Powerless Beta tune up parts of Sub Weapons.
  8. Severe Reduce Repair Severe Reduce Repair Status
    • Like Reduce Repair status effect, but this greatly reduces the healing effect by 90%, but it cannot be overwritten with any other negative status effect but can be stacked.
    • Caused by Gisele Noire's Sub Weapon.
  9. Stone Fall Stone Fall Status
    • Greater than Booster Trouble, but not as great as Severe Booster Trouble.
    • Caused by Digaius's Quake Attack Sub Weapon.
  10. Tornado Suction Tornado Suction Status
    • Player gets pulled in towards Siryu Fujinken tornado taking additional damage after being marked with Wind Shot.
    • Caused by K. Jikun Long SWIFT's Dragon Talon Main Weapon.
  11. Wonder Lock Wonder Lock Status
    • Temporary disables usage of Wonder Bit.
    • Caused by Mirage Raid's BS & AM, Sovlancer's Brave Axe weapon, Odette Rouge's default weapons and Wonder Blast Core Tune cool down. (NOTE: This status effect from Wonder Blast cooldown effect cannot be cancel with Purify. And this does not work on certain robot whose WB can be activated indirectly through Sub Weapons) (See List of Robot)
  12. Wonder Defect Wonder Defect Status
    • Deals 5% of the damage to players when they activate & deactivate their Wonder Bit.
    • Caused by Lafiel's Hour Dagger & Chrono Slash WB weapon.
  13. Blind Smoke Blind Smoke Status
    • Disables both Main & Sub Weapon's Lock-On system.
    • Caused by Dismoke DUEL's BS2 weapon parts.
  14. Beam Damage 60% DOWN

Positive Status EffectsEdit

  1. Accelerated Munitions Accelerated Munitions
    • Increase allies's projectile speed. This status effect is the opposite of Bullet Speed Down status.
    • Granted by Bloody Star's Rapid Wave Unit.
  2. Gladiator Gladiator
    • Grants a 30 seconds effect of Sub Weapon Tune.
    • Granted by Prome's Flame Rondo WB upon activation.
  3. Sniper Sight Sniper Sight
    • Prevents foes from getting alert when lock-on.
    • Only Celica Hawk gains this status icon when charging her Charge Arrow Main Weapon.
  4. Ark's Blessing Ark's Blessing
    • Allows the allies to damage the Chaos Port tower. Without this buff, the Chaos Port tower cannot be damage. (This buff only appears in Chaos Port event room)
    • Each Union's Ark arena items bestows a different blessing:
    • Ark's Blessing DOS Item [Strength] Increases your damage by 15% and reduces damage taken.
    • Ark's Blessing BRD Item [Courage] Grants the Speed Up effect and reduces damage taken.
    • Ark's Blessing WIZ Item [Wisdom] Grants the Hypershot effect and reduces damage taken.
  5. Winberrl Hyper Armor Winberrl Hyper Armor
    • Gains 7 HP every time foes gets inflicted with Bind.
    • Only A.L.E. Winberrl gains this status icon when using her BD Core Sub Weapon, Strong Thorn.
  6. Long Moving Burst Long Moving Burst
    • Enables Alpha-Strike while moving for a certain time.
    • Comes with Long Range.
    • Only A.L.E. Lily Rain gains this status icon when using her BD Core Sub Weapon, Burst Mode.
  7. Extend Propellant Extend Propellant
    • Reduces Boost Gauge while flying.
    • Any Air-Type robots without WB lock gains this status icon from Propeller Bit.
  8. Boost Up Boost Up
    • Fully charged Boost Gauge.
    • Only Aquila Girl variant gain this status icon.
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