• S.P Fractulus Quest, a special event which CB released on 2014, April. The last day to enjoy this is event is on 17/14, the prizes are sent out on 24/14.

Finale Boss FractulusEdit

-The Finale Boss of Fractulus, same map, and both have high HP before 17/14's maintenance. Has a low attack damage to it (If you hit it). And has the damage ??+ and up. (Sorry, no one actually plays Fractulus and its much easier if you do Berzelius)

---(NOTE: A special maintenance occured, CB lowered their HP and fixed the attack damage of what you do to the boss', for more information go here >>: )---

~Best Weapons~

1.) Omega Blasters

2.) Twin Blasters

3.) Blasters


-Original Prizes (Sent out on the quest)-
Pr KaMoChibi

Duck Face R (Red)

Duck Face B (Blue)

Grizzly Face

Eye Mask

-Sent Prizes (On 24 maintenance)-

Chibi Kagura x1 [FREE]

Chibi Tsukikage Momiji x1 [FREE]