• The commander of a Synoris squad comprised entirely of quirky elites. If fighting against him, it would be wise to retreat the instant you hear him barking orders to his team.


Synoris Corinth
Synoris Corinth
Type Land
Size Medium
Cost 815
Capacity 815
Hit Points 355
Strength 9
Technique 16
Walking 22
Flying 7
Toughness 14
Wonder Bit Automatic Gun Bit
Obtainable fromI really hate how it doesnt keep my space.
Bastagant Garapon Silver Prize


Part Name Image Size Type Price Cost Notes
Synoris BD Synoris BD M Lnd -- +480 -
Synoris BD@ Synoris BD@ M Lnd -- - Main: Bowgun
Synoris LG Synoris LG M All -- +40 -
Synoris HD2 Synoris HD2 M Lnd/Art -- +60 Main: Rifle
Synoris BS2 Synoris BS2 M Lnd -- +65 Sub: Missile
Synoris AM Synoris AM M Lnd -- +65 x2, Main: Machinegun
Riot Shield Riot Shield M All -- +40 -

Default WeaponsEdit

  • Wonder Bit: Automatic Gun Bit
  • Riot Shield
Synoris BS2
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +65 Class: Missile
HP +25 Damage: Blast
STR +2 Force/Power: 10
TEC - Ammo/Rate: 80
WLK +1 Range: 200
FLY +2 Attack Speed: 300
TGH - Interval/Rate: 2000

Synoris HD2
Equip Stats Weapon Stats
Cost +60 Class: Rifle
HP +20 Damage: Shell
STR +1 Force/Power: 10
TEC +1 Ammo/Rate: 200
WLK +1 Range: 350
FLY - Attack Speed: 390
TGH +2 Interval/Rate: 900

Custom CartridgeEdit

Name LVL Cost Description
Cost Capacity +70 (x6) - +20 Raises robots cost capacity by 70 and HP by 10.
Shell Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from bullet type projectiles by 10%.
Sword Guard - +20 Decreases Damage from melee attacks by 25% (50% for AIR bots).
Blast Guard - +15 Decreases Damage from explosive type projectiles by 50% (55% for LND bots).
Enhance Internal Weapon (x2) - +30 See table below (x2).
Absorb Bump - +15 Robot will not move when bumped into by other robots.
Sway - +15 Allows you to pass through other bots if you dash while running.
Boost Run - +15 Uses boost gauge to increase running speed.
Short Boost 6 +15 Instead of dashing, you will jump a short distance.
Quick Land 6 +25 Allows You to make a quicker landing from the air.
Tough Runner 6 +20 Decreases chance of being stunned when attacked while running.
Stun Regain 9 +15 Restores a small amount of HP whenever stunned.
Sniper Sight 9 +20 Enemies will not be alerted when you have locked on to them.
Moving Burst 9 +20 Allows you to move for awhile while firing all weapons.

Video Demonstration

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