• Tsukiyomi Mikoto (Nicknamed as Mikoto or Tsukiyomi) is one of the ZERO's in CosmicBreak, and began appearing as the 7th or the 5th ZERO, camed with Kisaragi Anko with her journey.


Mikoto has greenish hair following her light and darkish purple eyes. She is also seen wearing a yukata and a BS like in her back.

Capture 1


Like the following ZERO's we talked about, she has also many self defense action and more intensely attack action. She mostly kills an enemy due to her BS type.

Story (Available in other charactersEdit

Mikoto was a princess of the 'Tsukiyomi Lineage' or the temple, Anko was just only a robot working with Mikoto. Mikoto always came to the shop. However there is nothing 'Story' with Mikoto and Anko. And CB didn't tell how they came in the CosmicArk :3