Tutorials for beginners in CB... Showing how much are the keywords being used in CB, and the most randomly used keywords to do something

  • Through the game:
  • Cosmic Break Beginner's Tutorial

-The controls are given below.. And as through the trial.. There are many controlled-powered robots all around CB! Hero, the time waits around, the time starts now!

  • Controls:

(SIMPLE CONTROLS) [W] for north [S] for south [A] for left [D] for right

[SPACEBAR] Hold spacebar to fly longer

[LEFT MOUSE BUTTON] Gun, or any long range for attack

[RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] Sword, or any melee range for attack

(MEDIUM CONTROLS) [W]+[A] Are moving to the northern-western location

[S]+[A] Are moving to the southern-westernlocation

[W]+[D] Are moving to the northern-eastern location

[S]+[D] Are moving to the southern-eastern location

[SPACEBAR]+[W] Moving to front plus flying

[SPACEBAR]+[S] Moving to south plus flying

[SPACEBAR]+[A] Moving to west plus flying

[SPACEBAR]+[D] Moving to east plus flying

[SPACEBAR]+[W]/[S] + [A]/[D], [W] with [A] will send to nothern-western location plus flying || [S] with [A] will send to southern-western location plus flying, and as the same for the hotkey [D] plus any of the following

  • Since you know the controls/tutorial from now on, go ahead to other pages, to learn more...