• Valentines Wars is presented of one of the events in CB. As of February 2014. K-Ogre and with his subordinate Kisrill, want to get revenge. And followed by Pepo, Chloe, Misty, and Amy, also seeks to defeat CHAOS. Who will win in the fight?
  • K-Ogre with his subordinate Kisrill, plans to seek revenge on the Cosmic-Ark. Their objective, hand-made chocolate?!
  • Pepo Pucci V's lines:

(Pepo): 'Oh Heroes!~ Get ready for a sweet counter attack~' (Pepo): 'I've brought enough candies for everyone!~' (Pepo): 'I'm not a professional, I just like eating them more!'

  • Chloe Peperomia V's lines:
    Va14 Garapon

(Chloe): 'Stay here heroes! Chloe will brought candies!' (Chloe): 'I've brought enough candies for everyone, but I did make these for brother, but I suppose I have to share some now' (Chloe): 'You are not bursting for love, but Chloe is bursting love for brother!~'

  • Misty Raven V's lines:

(Misty): 'Stay, here, I'll go after the candies, if you defeat these pests' (Misty): 'I've brought enough' (Misty): 'These are malice-filled after all. Fufufu'

  • Amy V's lines:

(Amy): 'Oh Heroes!~ I'll give you candy later!' (Amy): 'I've brought enough candies for everyone, come to me and you'll pep right up hehe' (Amy): '...'