Wonder Bits (also known as EX parts) are special parts which aid robots during battle. They may provide added firepower, allow the robot to deploy a stationary gun turret, provide various types of support to allies, etc.

About Wonder Bits Edit

When your Wonder Bit gauge on the bottom right of the screen fills up, the gauge will turn orange and the screen will flash. At this time,you may activate your currently equipped Wonder Bit by pressing the F key. Different robots may equip different Wonder Bits, so try out as many different types as possible in order to get a feel for how each type of Wonder Bit works.

  • NOTE: Activating your Wonder Bit gives your robot approximately a

half-second to a full second of invincibility. This may prove useful in situations where you are being attacked by multiple enemies, calling for reinforcements, or are caught vulnerable while retreating.

WB types Edit

Attack type Wonder Bits Edit

Attack types fight alongside your robot, your gauge will increase when damage is dealt to enemy robots, and when damage is taken from enemy attacks.

Turret type Wonder Bits Edit

Turret Wonder Bits are placed on the ground and remain stationary, your gauge will increase when damage is dealt to enemy robots, and when damage is taken from enemy attacks.

Support type Wonder Bits Edit

Support types repair nearby allies and invoke other positive status effects, some of these Wonder Bits feature gauges that slowly charge themselves automatically. The gauge may also be increased in the normal fashion.

AURA System Edit

When activated, the Active Ultimate Replace Ability (or AURA) System will cause certain parts on these robots to transform, giving them various special abilities(, and usually a cooler look). AURA compatible parts may be mixed and matched on other robots like normal parts, but they will only be able to transform when they are equipped to a robot with an AURA System.

  1. Note: AURA system parts only transform when equipped to a bot of the same type.
    • USUALLY denoted as a final clause at the end of a parts description.
      • e.g. AURA Trans: TYPE
  2. Built in Growing Wonder!

WB list Edit

Close Combat SystemEdit

Name Cost Price Type Actions Note
Berzelius Fly Bit Berzelius Fly Bit +5 All Melee Dual-Type
R Bikini Ouka Bit R Bikini Ouka Bit +10 Lnd Sup Melee
Sanae's Twirling Flame Sanae's Twirling Flame - All Fire Ball Melee
Spike Yukkurimu Spike Yukkurimu - All Spike Ball Dual-Type, but doesn't deal much damage

Ranged SystemEdit

Name Cost Price Type Actions Note
Burst Missile Bit Burst Missile Bit - 600UC Art Sup Cluster Missile Blast
Drone Bit Drone Bit - Air Beam Missile Beam + Blast
Drone Bit D Drone Bit D +5 Air Beam Missile Dual-Type, Beam + Blast
Eaglet B Bit Eaglet B Bit - 600UC All Homing Beam
Estes Slicer Estes Slicer - Lnd Art Estes Slicer
Graceful Striking Art Graceful Striking Art - 600UC All Flame Ball Inflicting Melt status effect
Macaron Pochette Bit Macaron Pochette Bit - 600UC All Sound Ball Dual-Type
Nemlim Bat Bit Nemlim Bat Bit - 600UC All Bat Charge Inflicting Charge Delay status effect
Pepen Twin Gun Bit Pepen Twin Gun Bit - Art Blast Psygun
Pierce Gun Bit Pierce Gun Bit - All Pierce Gun Shell
Puppet Bit Puppet Bit - All Bound Gun SB Pitcher Type
R Laser Crystal D R Laser Crystal D - Air Laser Dual-Type
R Sturm Rakete R Sturm Rakete - Art Missile Dual-Type
Ricochet Gun Bit Ricochet Gun Bit - Lnd Art Gatling Gun Tracking Shell
Ricochet Gun Bit D Ricochet Gun Bit D +5 Lnd Art Gatling Gun Dual-Type Tracking Shell
Slicer Shield Bit Slicer Shield Bit - Art Sup Slicer Shield Defensive Shield
Queen Garnet Queen Garnet - Lnd Art Sup Missile Blast
Water Flower Ps Bit Water Flower Ps Bit - 600UC All Water Bazooka

Support SystemEdit

Name Cost Price Type Actions Note
Burst Unit Burst Unit +5 Sup Hypershot Stationary
High Camo Bit High Camo Bit +15 Sup Invisible
  • Invisible while walking or running.
  • WB still visible.
Magical Propellant Magical Propellant +5 Air Extend Flight
  • Raises defense.
  • WB cannot be destroyed.
Repair Unit Repair Unit +5 Sup Healing Stationary

Other BitsEdit

Name Cost Price Type Actions Note
Lightning Colossus Lightning Colossus - Air Summon Lightning Blast One time activation
Magfrit Magfrit WB - Art Summon Range One time activation
Pushpaka Pushpaka - 600UC All Summon Melee One time activation
Rosblau Rosblau WB - All Summon Melee One time activation
Satellite Barrier Bit Satellite Barrier Bit - 600UC All Defensive Barrier Destroys incoming projectiles
Trance Bit Trance Bit - 600UC All Melee + Psygun Dual-Type, but left side uses melee & right side fires Psygun
Wolfraid Wolfraid WB - 600UC All Summon Melee One time activation
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