• ZERO is the most powerful type of all Land, Air, Art, and Sup. Most ZERO's appear in Mega Gara's, Time-Limited Events, and lastly, in some new garapons

Name: Gender: Type:
Eris Female ZERO Land
Resha Female ZERO Land
Tsukikage Momiji Female


Kougetsu Kagura Female ZERO Art
Eve Female ZERO Air & Land
Jace Male ZERO Land
Tsukiyomi Mikoto Female ZERO Land
Alcy Rivette Female ZERO Air
Vanessa Batros Female ZERO Land
Divine Thoarla Female ZERO Air

(ORIGINAL) Zero Release:
Time of Release: Garapon Release: Names:
02-16-2012 Eris
02-16-2012 Resha
08-23-2012 Tsukikage Momiji
08-23-2012 Kougetsu Kagura
10-25-2012 Eve
10-25-2012 Jace
06-20-2013 Tsukiyomi Mikoto